AMD Electroneum/Monero Mining

Follow AMD Ethereum Mining Guide, except this changes to Overclock/Undervolt settings and different miner.

The mining of CryptoNight Algorithms (Electroneum, Monero, and others) is almost the same as ethereum mining, except it uses the GPU Core a bit more and is more dependent on it’s clock rate, of course you need a different miner for such algorithm.

Claymore Ethereum miner is for Ethereum and Ubiq;

Claymore Cryptonight miner is for Monero and Electroneum.

Claymore Cryptonight Miner 10.2

This is the best miner for Cryptonight algorithms out there. I did not find a noFee version of latest Claymore Cryptonight miner, if someone has it please send it to me so I can update the guide. For now, download the official Claymore Cryptonight Miner 10.2.

I use Nanopool for Electroneum and Monero, reasons the same as with Ethereum. Both Electroneum and Monero work in the same way and overclock/undervolt for Electroneum should work the same on Monero. Setting the mining software is the same as explained in Ethereum guide, if you need aditional information how that works go to my AMD Ethereum Guide.


GPU CORE -The only difference in overclock is that you can get higher hashrate by having higher GPU clock rate. On Ethereum the difference of GPU Core clock rates after 1200mhz is almost none, but on cryptoNight algorithms you can get extra 5-15% by having higher GPU clock rate in exchange for 30-50% more power draw. In general that’s only an option if you have very cheap electricity.

I would recommend to stick with 1150-1250 mhz GPU core because for most GPU’s after those values the power draw starts to increase by very huge amounts, that’s because your GPU can’t work at low voltages at high clock rates.

MEMORY– The memory overclock works exact the same way as etherem mining, higher clock rates gives higher hashrate


Because the GPU Core is used more on this algorithm, that means you will need to have a bit higher voltages than on ethereum mining. From my experiences that’s around 100 mV more.

GPU CORE – If you read trough my ethereum guide, you will notice that we had GPU Core voltage at 850mV, in this case we will need to increase it depending on how high the GPU Clock is:

  • 1150mhz -> 900mV 
  • 1200mhz -> 950mV
  • 1250mhz->1000mV
  • 1300mhz+ ->1050mV


MEMORY – Memory needs straight +50mV than it would need on ethereum, for example if you had your memory at 2000mhz/800mV for Ethereum mining, then for Electrum/Monero you would need 2000mhz/850mV.


GPU Clock rate increases hashrate much more compared to Ethereum mining, but it significantly increases the power draw.Voltages need to be increased by about 50mV for the same settings as Ethereum mining to work properly.


Sapphire+ Nitro RX 580 4gb (elpida memory) settings for Ethereum mining (30.5 MH/s):

  • GPU Core: 1150mhz / 850mV
  • Memory : 2050mhz/850mV

Same GPU’s for Electroneum/Monero (820H/s)

  • GPU Core: 1150mhz / 900mV
  • Memory : 2050mhz/900mV

Same GPU’s for Electroneum/Monero (890H/s), case 2 very high power draw

  • GPU Core: 1400mhz / 1050mV
  • Memory : 2050mhz/900mV