Follow the first 5 chapters of AMD Ethereum Mining Guide before using these settings!

If you have any other 5700XT, except Gigabyte and Asus, follow this link instead: Rx 5700XT BIOS Mod

But, if you own a Gigabyte 5700XT OC 8GB (or Asus Strix 5700XT), do NOT mod the BIOS, as it may brick your GPU.

Infact, you don’t even need to mod its BIOS, it comes with pretty flexible overclocking options. There are factory-configured profiles for Undervolting, Overclocking GPU and Overclocking VRAM. 

You may find these settings in Raedon > Performance > Tuning > [Select your Gigabyte 5700XT]

Click on “Performance”

Click on Performance]


Click on “Tuning”

Click on Tuning I


Select your Gigabyte 5700XT

However, even at the factory configured settings of overclocking, the card becomes unstable. It crashes every few hours, thereby, bringing down the entire system and lowering the average hash rate.

Here GPU3 is an overclocked Gigabyte 5700XT

So, I tried testing it by manually overclocking the VRAM and undervolting the power to -20%, while leaving everything else at their default settings.


I started testing from 1900 MHz, and after a lot of hit and trials, I ended up at 1800. However, even at 1800, the system crashes after 12 hours. As you may see in the screenshot, the setting is set to 1800 MHz but the current clock speed is 200 Mhz. It has crashed again!

So, finally, I disabled the VRAM tuning as well.

Now, what’s left, is the best settings for this card, that is, to leave it at the default auto-configuration
(Tuning Control: Automatic | Auto Tuning: Default)


Or, at best, we may safely undervolt the power to -20

Disable VRAM Tuning (and everything else), while leaving power tuning on and set to -20


Click on Apply Now

At these settings, the card will give you a hash rate of 52 MH/s, but it will operate stably.

Or, you may use the following settings to get 53.5 MH/s, but the system might crash every 12 hours or so. Test whatever works for you.

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