GeForce RTX 2060 Mobile (6GB) Modding Instructions

ModelGeForce RTX 2060 Mobile (6GB)

Running in a Gateway Creator Series laptop… cheap laptop from Walmart. Just updated to latest Nvidia drivers, installed MSI Afterburner and over-clocked memory +1000mhz to 6500mhz total. When I try reducing core clock it reduces performance so I leave it stock. Unable to adjust voltages so all are stock. Card only consumes 90watt max by design default. I run the laptop cracked, on the edges, like a giant upside down V, to maximize cooling.

GPU Core Clock (MHz)
GPU Core Volt (mV)
VRAM Memory Clock (MHz)6500
VRAM Memory Volt (mV)
Avg. Temperature (°C)67
Avg. Power (Watts)90
Submitted byPeter R